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Holy trinity episcopal academy

Strategic Plan 2022-2027

Start Here. Go Anywhere…

Beyond our tagline, it is our educational philosophy, and one we take very seriously as we continue to earn our reputation year after year as the leading Preschool-12 private school in Brevard County and one of the premier independent college preparatory schools in the State of Florida.

From the President

To Our Holy Trinity School Community,
For 67 years, Holy Trinity Episcopal Academy has maintained that a holistic, “whole child,” approach to learning – mind, body, and spirit – offers students the greatest opportunity for success in college, career, and life. This philosophy has been at the core of our school’s mission as we strive to deliver an unrivaled education by bringing learning to life and equipping students with the knowledge, supports, and experiences necessary to ignite the passion of future leaders.
Today, we proudly begin a new chapter in our school's history. It is my pleasure to present Holy Trinity Episcopal Academy's Strategic Plan for 2022-2027. This document is the result of a thoughtful effort involving administration, faculty, staff, students, our families, alumni, community partners, and our Board of Trustees.

This plan will be delivered over the next five years with annual milestones in place to measure our progress and adjust as necessary. It builds upon the most recent plan, but also lays out an ambitious course for the future of our school in six key areas with corresponding strategies for achieving successful outcomes.

I’d like to express my sincere gratitude to everyone who offered their time, insight, and perspective in helping to shape this plan. It is detailed, well-developed, forward-thinking, and, I would argue, the most collaborative effort the school has undertaken to date.

Now, the real work begins. It will take an “all-in” approach and commitment to accomplish these goals. I know we are well-prepared and will enthusiastically embrace this challenge as we chart a bold and promising new course for the school, our students, and our community.

With sincere gratitude,

Katherine M. Cobb

List of 6 frequently asked questions.

  • Unrivaled Experience

    GOAL - Deliver unrivaled educational experiences and enrichment opportunities to our students.

    • Stay on the forefront of outcome-based education, instruction and emerging curriculum while continuing to showcase the benefits of a whole child approach to learning.
    • Attract and retain exceptional and dedicated faculty, staff and athletic coaches.
    • Ensure athletic and co-curricular programs foster mission-based growth for students across their educational journey at Holy Trinity.
  • Future-Ready Education

    GOAL - Create a pathway of success that prepares students for college, career and life.

    • Increase opportunities for students to develop leadership skills and the ability to collaborate, communicate, think creatively and critically to be future ready.
    • Support students discovering their individual and intellectual passions that put them on the future-focused trajectory.
    • Ensure the continuation of a comprehensive and developmental approach to college placement and career exploration.
    • Continue to infuse the qualities of autonomy and agency in students of all ages and stages to set the stage for being knowledgeable, compassionate citizens.
  • Sense of Belonging

    GOAL - Ensure a safe and supportive school culture and environment promoting spiritual discovery, kindness, integrity and inclusivity.

    • Continue to position student and staff physical safety, mental health and overall wellness as a schoolwide imperative.
    • Promote an inclusive school culture of acceptance that reflects our Christian values and Episcopal tradition while ensuring all students, regardless of faith, gender, race, or sexual orientation, feel a part of our community/family.
    • Seek more opportunities to expand diversity at Holy Trinity within our faculty, staff and students.
    • Foster greater unity among the student population and encourage relationships and friendships across group lines through shared experiences, common values and community standards.
    • Create an environment where all students experience a sense of belonging and comfort in expressing themselves, their ideas and their opinions while maintaining community standards tied to conduct and integrity.
  • Community Connectedness

    GOAL - Deepen connections within the Holy Trinity and greater community to support the mission of the school and the student experience.

    • Engage Holy Trinity families in parent and family experiences in support of the school and to create connections between HT families, faculty, and staff.
    • Establish connections with corporate and community organizations linking students and faculty with local and global experts.
    • Cultivate a philanthropic mindset in our students that supports community non-profits.
    • Build a network of community and alumni mentors to support students as they prepare for future college and career.
  • Institutional Sustainability

    GOAL - Uphold sound and sustainable financial and operational practices.

    • Exercise responsible financial stewardship.
    • Expand the integration of management and analytical systems to seek continuous improvement in learning outcomes.
    • Safeguard Holy Trinity's long-term growth and viability.
    • Effectively communicate the value of an HTEA education.
  • Forward-Looking

    GOAL - Solidify Holy Trinity Episcopal Academy's mission and reputation as the leading preschool-12th grade educational institution in Brevard County and one of the premier, independent, college-preparatory schools in the state of Florida for the future.

    • Conduct a review of the HT mission statement to identify any areas to consider for revision.
    • Establish long- and short-term capital fundraising goals.
    • Establish long-term strategies to maximize enrollment and retention that align with the HT mission and future community demographics.
    • Ensure completion of a thoughtful and informed master plan that incorporates facilities for full support of the strategic vision element and future growth, while adequately stewarding the school's financial resources.
    • Plan for continuity in leadership to support the sustainability of the mission and reputation of the institution.
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