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Holy trinity episcopal academy

Speech and Debate

Last weekend, Holy Trinity Speech and Debate competed at Grand Finals, the tournament to determine qualifiers for the NCFL Grand Nationals national championship tournament.
We are excited to announce that Holy Trinity will be sending seven national qualifiers in five different events, the most in our school's history!

Qualifying for Grand Nationals are:
Braxton LaNois in Lincoln-Douglas Debate
Fefe Montalvo and Faz Zaidi in Public Forum Debate

Speech and Interp
Grace Price and Brianna Ramnath in Duo Interpretation of Literature
Mary Stallard in Dramatic Performance
Brooke Ramnath in Oral Interpretation of Literature

Special mention goes to our other HT competitors who put up a valiant effort in the face of the best competition in our region:
Priya Gutta and Kiran Shay in Public Forum Debate
Isaac Tichy in Congressional Debate
Karrington Lawson in Original Oratory

A special thanks must go to our parent judges, without whom we could not have competed: Nikhi Dhruv, Olga Mora, Gene LaNois, Edna Lawson, and Mary B Stallard.

We wish our competitors the best of luck when they compete at Grand Nationals over the Memorial Day weekend.

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