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Holy trinity episcopal academy

Keeping in Touch with HT

by Michelle Salyer, Director of Marketing & Communications
Whether you’re new to Holy Trinity or you’ve been around for years, it’s sometimes hard to keep up with everything going on at school. When is fall break? Where can I find the homework? Why didn’t I receive the email everyone else did? Here’s a quick guide to keeping up with communications at HT.

1) onCampus. onCampus is the parent portal of our website, htacademy.org. The majority of parent information is housed on the website, inside the login. Here, you’ll be able to find teacher pages for each class, homework assignments, your child’s grades and report cards, a calendar that’s specific to your child’s assignments, sports and activities, and important documents like the Family Handbook.

Through the onCampus messaging system, your child’s teachers and club advisors may send individual and group messages. If you’re not logging into onCampus, you may be missing important information about classwork, upcoming tests or club meetings! You can also use onCampus to send messages directly to faculty and staff – simply go to the Messages menu and Compose a New Message, or look up the name in the onCampus Faculty & Staff Directory.
Important forms, such as field study permission forms, will also be posted as a yellow banner within onCampus.

The login can be found on the homepage of our website, htacademy.org. If you or your student have trouble logging in, email our IT department at: helpdesk@htes.org.

Tip: You can forward onCampus messages directly to your email or receive them as texts. Log in and go to the drop down menu beneath your name, then select Settings. On the left of the screen, go to the Account Settings area and select Notifications. Under Notification Settings, fill in the information under:“Select how you would like to receive notifications.” Next to Messages, select the box for Email or Text to select which types of onCampus messages you would like to forward.

2)  Emails. When information needs to be sent schoolwide, or to more than one class or grade level it will be sent to you via email. Email is also the primary way we will communicate with you concerning an emergency such as a school closure. If you are not receiving emails from HT, please add the following emails to your address book: Communications@htes.org, htacademy@myschoolemails.com, kcobb@htes.org, jkelce@htes.org (Lower School), kpeters@htes.org (Junior High) and cbuist@htes.org (Senior High).
3) Weekly Family Newsletter. Each Friday around 2 p.m., you should receive digital newsletter via email. Within the newsletter, you’ll find important dates such as parent coffees, school events, and major fundraisers, as well as links to student news, stories in the media and more. Every HT parent should already be receiving the newsletter automatically. If you’re not, please check your junk mail folder first, then email helpdesk@htes.org. Past newsletters are archived on our website under the Parent Resources button on the onCampus resource board.
4) BrightArrow Notifications. BrightArrow provides a secure platform on which we can send text, voice and emails for emergency and non-emergency notifications. Please note, due to recent changes in FCC regulations, as of Oct. 1, 2019, all parents must now opt-in to receive messages from us. Please see our latest communication on BrightArrow messages to ensure that you continue to receive these important reminders! As of Oct. 1, texts will come from the number 87569.
Emergency notification phone calls will come from the Holy Trinity number, 321-723-8323. If you miss the call, the message will be left in your voicemail.
5) Social Media. If you’re a social media user, be sure to follow Holy Trinity on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter! You’ll not only be able to see fun photos of school activities during the school day, you’ll also learn more about student and faculty awards and accomplishments, see links to news stories about HT, receive reminders about events and sporting activities, and much, much more. We’ll also use social media as another way to communicate with you regarding emergencies. We’ve recently introduced dedicated social media pages for HT athletics! And, be sure to follow our alumni pages for news about our accomplished HT graduates.
Follow us here:
6) Website: Check back often to see new additions to our website, such as upcoming events, news articles, our photo gallery and bios on our teachers. You’ll also find a variety of school calendars on our home page, top right. In case of an emergency such as a school closure, we’ll also post a message across our homepage.

Tip: If you’re looking for dates for school breaks, these can most easily be found on the “Academic Calendar” in the Calendars drop down menu.

7) Tiger Blog: New blogs are published several times a month and feature articles from Holy Trinity faculty, staff – and sometimes students. Recent topics include study tips, the relevance of Latin studies in today’s world, and HT’s new dual-enrollment entrepreneurship course.
8) Naviance: Naviance is our web-based college counseling program that provides detailed and personalized college and career planning for students and parents. The counseling staff will use the program to send important emails to junior and senior students and parents about college and counseling related topics and events, such as college visits, parent coffees and more.
9) Vimeo and YouTube: Look at all our latest videos on our Vimeo and YouTube channels!
10) Call Us: Add Holy Trinity to your list of “Favorite” contacts: 321-723-8323 (press 1 for Lower School, 2 for Upper School). School office hours are 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Schoolwide Phone:
Fax - Lower School: 321-723-2553
Fax - Upper School: 321-241-6422
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