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Junior Classical League Regional Forum

On Saturday, HT hosted the Junior Classical League Regional Forum, and all of our Latin and other Classics students participated. 
We had over 400 students compete this year from other area schools, including West Shore and Edgewood. 

Our students represented Holy Trinity very well and achieved some amazing results. Our Latin 1 students took 1st place on 10 of the 15 academic tests at Forum, even though we represented less than 20% of the students in attendance.  In addition, our students won two of the three levels in Certamen, which is a fast-paced Latin quiz bowl game.

Student Name
Contest 1
Contest 2
Allen, Matthew
1st Games 10-12
Bain-Darby, Ryan
2nd Advanced Greek Literature
1st Charts/Posters 10-12
Baumgartner, Emma
2nd Roman Customs II
1st Charts/Posters 5-9
2nd Level II Certamen
BlackStrain, Joe
3rd Modern Myths 10-12
Brewster, Quinn
3rd Advanced Hellenic History
Christie, Olivia
2nd Greek Derivatives I
5th Illustrated Notebooks 10-12
Collins, Dylan
3rd Classical Geography II
3rd Modern Myths 5-9
Cosby, Alana
3rd Latin Vocabulary I
Cosby, Judah
5th Games 5-9
Deukmedjian, Arias
1st Latin Literature I
1st Models 5-9
DeVries, Amelia
1st Romans Customs I
3rd Hellenic History I
1st Level I Certamen
Dimmer, Shea
5th Advanced Classical Geography
3rd Modern Myths 10-12
Doughty, Mel
4th Modern Myth 10-12
Dye, Anissa
1st Mythology II
4th Illustrated Booklets 5-9
1st Level II Certamen
Dyer, Terry
5th Latin Derivatives I
3rd Computer Programs 5-9
Edgecombe, Larry
2nd Latin Literature II
Elmaghraby, Joey
Advanced Latin Derivatives
Fernandez-Ramnath, Ronnie
5th Hellenic History I
3rd Dramatic Interpretations I Boys
Frost, Austin
3rd Hellenic History I
5th Paintings 5-9
Garvey, Mia
1st Roman Customs II
1st Textiles 5-9
1st Level II Certamen
Gerrity, Sarah
3rd Greek Derivatives II
Giovannetti, Chase
5th Roman Empire I
2nd Charts/Posters 5-9
Graham, William
2nd Classical Geography I
2nd Maps 5-9
Gross, Parker
1st Roman Empire I
5th Dramatic Interpretations I Boys
Gutta, Priya
2nd Hellenic History II
1st Dramatic Interpretations II Girls
Hammond, Hunter
2nd Roman Republic I
2nd Pottery/Sculpture 10-12
Hewatt, Cole
3rd Latin Mottoes II
3rd Models 5-9
1st Level II Certamen
Hibner, Sophia
1st Academic Pentathlon
2nd Textiles 5-9
2nd Level I Certamen
Hoelper, Alex
1st Latin Vocabulary II
4th Games 10-12
Ippolito, Kate
2nd Roman Customs I
2nd Level I Certamen
Ippolito, Zach
3rd Advanced Mythology
1st Dramatic Interpretations Adv Prose Boys
Jacobus, Harrison
5th Latin Vocabulary I
2nd Illustrated Booklets 5-9
Johnson, Aidan
2nd Greek Derivatives II
1st Illustrated Booklets 5-9
2nd Level II Certamen
Johnson, Walker
1st Latin Mottoes I
2nd Dramatic Interpretations I Boys
1st Level I Certamen
Joseph, Nathan
1st Latin Mottoes II
Kamara, Nasserie
3rd Mythology II
3rd Miscellaneous 5-9
2nd Level II Certamen
Kelce, Andy
4th Advanced Roman Customs
Kenney, Luke
2nd Latin Mottoes I
4th Dramatic Interpretations I Boys
LaNois, Braxton
2nd Greek Literature II
1st Orations 5-9
Layman, Robert
4th Drawings 10-12
Linnabary, James
5th Advanced Latin Vocabulary
5th 2D Non Graphics 10-12
Martin, Cory
2nd 2D Non-Graphic 10-12
McCabe, Jaden
2nd Greek Literature I
3rd Maps 5-9
McLaughlin, Colin
1st Advanced Classical Geography
3rd Maps 10-12
McNatt, Julia
5th Classical Art II
3rd Charts/Posters 5-9
Mercado, Maegan
4th Greek Derivatives I
2nd Couples Costumes
Montalvo, Fefe
1st Latin Grammar I
1st Dramatic Interpretations I Boys
2nd Level I Certamen
Morales, Emily
1st Greek Literature I
3rd Modern Myth 10-12
Nifakos, Mark
1st Greek Derivatives I
4th 2D Non-Graphic 10-12
Nunes, Jonathan
1st Roman Republic I
5th 2D Non-Graphic 5-9
2nd Level I Certamen
Nunes, Joshua
4th Hellenic History II
3rd 2D Non Graphics 10-12
Oakley, Ian
4th Advanced Roman Empire
3rd Miscellaneous 10-12
Patel, Esha
4th Advanced Latin Grammar
1st Dramatic Interpretations Adv Prose Girls
Patel, Milli
1st Greek Literature I
1st Dramatic Interpretations I Girls
1st Level I Certamen
Prasanna, Rohan
1st Latin Literature I
Quinn, Ryan
4th Roman Republic I
Rakita, Alec
5th Roman Empire II
1st Models 10-12
Ramnath, Brianna
1st Greek Derivatives II
Riggs, Ellie
3rd Greek Literature I
1st Level I Certamen
Riggs, Jackson
1st Greek Literature II
4th Modern Myths 5-9
Rogers, Bella
3rd Roman Customs I
Rooney, Jimmy
2nd Latin Vocabulary II
4th Charts/Posters 5-9
2nd Level II Certamen
Rosebush, Sammy
3rd Roman Empire I
Rush, Grace
5th Latin Mottoes I
4th Models 5-9
Rydson, Tyler
4th Advanced Hellenic History
5th Charts/Posters 10-12
Sabapathy, Sakthi
2nd Latin Mottoes II
2nd Dramatic Interpretations II Boys
Salyer, Gabby
1st Advanced Latin Literature
1st Costumes
Selby, Christopher
2nd Dramatic Interpretations Adv Prose Boys
Spies, Alex
1st Hellenic History I
Stevens, Brett
2nd Hellenic History I
4th Charts/Posters 10-12
Subasi, Sean
5th Roman Republic II
Thorpe, Grant
2nd Advanced Hellenic History
Tracy, Nolan
5th Advanced  Reading Comprehension
Varnes, Charlotte
1st Advanced Greek Derivatives
2nd Orations 10-12
Vigeant, Jake
3rdAdvanced Latin Grammar
2nd Dramatic Interpretations Adv Poetry Boys
Vigeant, Katie
3rd Classical Art I
Wacaster, Victor
4th Advanced Latin Mottoes
Wakefield, Bree
5th Greek Derivatives I
2nd Couples Costumes
Wamsley, Raina
1st Classical Art II
3rd Textiles 5-9
Watt, Lani
1st 2D Non-Graphic 5-9
Weiner, Isabella
1st Academic Heptathlon II
2nd Dramatic Interpretations II Girls
1st Level II Certamen
Welch, Kathryn
3rd Advanced Classical Art
1st Textiles 10-12
White, Bailey
1st Dramatic Interpretations Adv Poetry Girls
Widmer, George
2nd Classical Art I
5th Miscellaneous 5-9
Williams, Josh
3rd Latin Literature I
Woods, Charlie
4th Advanced Classical Art
4th Modern Myths 10-12
Zhao, Kevin
1st Latin Literature II

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