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AP (Advanced Placement) Table Leader

Congratulations to Mrs. Cathy Koos who was selected to serve as an AP Table Leader for AP Research Exams this summer. 
Last year, she was selected as an AP Reader, and spent one week training in order to grade students' AP Research papers. This summer, she will spend two weeks in Louisville, Kentucky, for the more advanced task of Table Leader training, then she will lead a group of other AP Readers from around the world, all working remotely. Mrs. Koos will be in charge of these readers to help answer any questions they may have. All papers are read by two graders so if there is any disagreement in scoring, she would be the deciding factor on the grade given the student. Each day, readers take part in calibration training to be sure that they are accurately using the rubric, so she will also lead that training for the educators at her "table." 

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