Get to Know Us

Meet Our Families

Get to Know Some of our Families and 
Learn What They Love Most about Holy Trinity.

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  • The Coleman Family

    as told by Felicia Coleman

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  • The DeLuca Family

    as told by Marie and Joe DeLuca

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  • The Saluja-Gutta Family

    as told by Dr. Anita Saluja and Dr. Raj Gutta

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  • The Castellon Family

    as told by Dr. Mauricio Castellon 

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  • The Levy-Rosenblum Family

    as told by Harry and Bonnie Rosenblum

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  • The Walcott Family

    as told by Debbie Walcott

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  • The Shah Family

    as told by Marsha Shah

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  • The Campanini Family

    as told by Trish Campanini

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  • The Kenney Family

    as told by Dr. Hai and Kimberly Kenney

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