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Student Life

Resources and Services

    • Student life at Holy Trinity

      Student life at Holy Trinity


It is an honor to be a member of the HTEA community. The uniform is one way for students to be distinguished as such. Families are expected to accept and abide by not only the written word, but also the spirit of the code. The dress code is designed to present a neat and conservative appearance. It is in effect from the time the student exits a vehicle in the morning until they re-enter a vehicle in the afternoon. Uniform items are purchased through Sir Walter, Inc., Lands’ End school uniform catalogue, or the HTEA used uniform sales. 


Lower School Cub Cafe

Lunch at the Cub Café is a wonderful dining experience each and every day! We have four lunch waves in the Cub Café at the Lower School; first and second grade, third and fourth, fifth and sixth, and then kindergarten. While listening to music and sitting with friends, students may either purchase lunch or pack a lunch from home. Snacks including ice cream and drinks are available for purchase to all students.

Upper School Tiger Cafe

A variety of popular foods and excellent volunteer service are the hallmarks of dining in the Tiger Café. Students may either bring their lunches or order their meals that are selectively chosen from various vendors. Purchased lunch offerings include hot, cold, and vegetarian options daily. Snacks including ice cream and drinks are also available for purchase to all students.

Tiger Transit

Tiger Transit is campus-to-campus transportation available for students in grades K-12. Tiger Transit can provide transportation to and from our elementary school (Kindergarten - 6th) or jr. high/high school eliminating the need to drive across the county each morning and afternoon.

Health and Wellness

The health and wellness of our student body is top priority. The school maintains a clinic on each campus that is staffed with a registered nurse during school hours. We have dedicated professionals who work to make sure that our students are protected at all times and that they are well taken care of should they become ill. We also monitor the latest health bulletins from the CDC and will inform parents of information if needed.

The Clinics are responsible for:

  • Assessing student illnesses and injuries and providing appropriate care
  • Addressing student chronic health concerns such as asthma, food or other allergies, diabetes, and implementing specific care plans for managing these issues while the student is at school
  • Maintaining all student health records and immunization forms
  • Providing health education links and updates to students, faculty and parents
  • Administering prescription and non-prescription medications with the completion of the proper forms

Schoolwide Phone:
Fax - Lower School: 321-723-2553
Fax - Upper School: 321-241-6422
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