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Holy trinity episcopal academy
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Athletic Boosters


The Athletic Booster Club is committed to supporting the successful athletic traditions at Holy Trinity and ensuring the athletic experience is one that our athletes will cherish for a lifetime.
Proceeds directly support HT athletic teams and help purchase items such as:
  • uniforms, equipment, and volleyball net
  • customized bench chairs and floor pads in gym
  • stadium pennant flags
  • pitching machine and batting cage
  • achievement banners in the gym
  • hydration station
Provides services such as:
  • after school snack bar
  • gym sports concessions.
  • refreshments for the athletes and their families on athletic signing days
  • Powder Puff snacks for student body during spirit week
  • gym roster boards for volleyball and basketbal teams, providing our senior players the boards to take with them when they graduate

Join the club and make a difference in the lives of our student athletes.

*Members receive discounted entry to regular season home games and tickets for one free entry to a regular season game of their choice for EACH SPORT!

List of 8 items.

  • President

    Mary B Stallard
  • Vice President

    Shannon Mullen
  • Treasurer

    Rosy Collins
  • Secretary

    Mary Coggshall
  • Tiger Paws

    Heather Cinca
  • Banners

    Shannon Mullen
  • Membership

    Rae Bain
  • Members at Large

    Mary B Stallard
    Rosy Collins
    Heather Cinca
    Shannon Mullen
    Rae Bain
    Megan Schweitzer
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