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Holy trinity episcopal academy

SCRIP Enrollment

Scrip Program Policies and Guidelines

  1. Each family will be provided a unique Customer ID number and Password for www.ShopWithScrip.com. You can change your password at any time without informing the Scrip coordinator.

  2. Scrip rebates accumulate throughout one school year (May-April) and are applied to the following year’s tuition. To qualify for a tuition rebate in the following year, you must earn a minimum of $50 in rebate (not just a $50 order). Earnings less than $50 will be applied to the Tuition Assistance Fund.

  3. All Scrip orders must be accompanied by cash, check or paid on-line through Presto Pay on the www.ShopWithScrip.com website.

  4. Expect orders to be complete in approximately one week. Orders are usually placed on Mondays and available by Friday morning.

  5. Any check returned for Insufficient Funds will be charged a $30 fee payable to HTEA Scrip to cover the bank fee for Insufficient Funds.

  6. You can request a statement of your family’s earnings YTD at any time by emailing HTEA.Scrip@htes.org

  7. Per Federal law pertaining to our tax exempt status, you can request a check for your rebate at the end of the school year instead of applying to your tuition. We offer the Scrip program with the understanding that families will apply their earnings to their tuition without asking for a check as this causes additional expense for the school.

  8. Scrip cards and certificates are purchased on your behalf and cannot be returned or exchanged.

  9. When you pick up your Scrip order, verify it for accuracy. Your signature and initials on the form indicate that you have received each item on the order.

  10. Scrip cards and certificates are the same as cash and should be handled accordingly. HTEA Scrip is not responsible for lost, stolen or misplaced Scrip cards or certificates once you have signed and initialed your order.

  11. You must sign the Backpack Waiver before Scrip cards or certificates can be released to your upper school student. This waiver is on the Scrip Enrollment Form and is kept on file. HTEA Scrip accepts no responsibility for Scrip cards and certificates delivered in this manner.

Enroll in Scrip Online!

To start earning a tuition rebate, please complete and submit the enrollment form below.
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