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High School

High School

The biggest benefit of a private high school is that our program is able to promote academic excellence in a rigorous and supportive environment to challenge and nurture each and every student. The academic culture encourages our students to develop knowledge, skills, character, and cultural awareness to develop into productive and responsible citizens for college and lifelong learning.

A primary goal during Senior High School is to help students identify their individual strengths and interests, and then offer a variety of opportunities to foster their growth. Elective classes in visual arts, performing arts, journalism, science and social science are offered, as well as a multitude of athletic extracurricular opportunities. Many students enjoy more advanced courses in other disciplines as well. This development is enhanced through an array of support from faculty, staff, administration, and parents who work cooperatively to create a climate in which individuals succeed by being part of a whole.
By balancing academics, the arts, athletics and spiritual growth, High School students at Holy Trinity recieve the best college prep experience, equipping them with the moral compass needed to become leaders of tomorrow.

College Guidance at Holy Trinity

Another way the school promotes success is through the Office of School and College Counseling through services such as:   

  • Academic guidance and counseling
  • Comprehensive college counseling
  • Coordination of Parent Sessions, College Festival, Career Fair
    and other events  
Many students begin taking high school credit courses in the 8th grade and are required to be enrolled in seven classes each year. As a result, students may earn 30 or more credit hours during grades eight through twelve. Further, our classrooms, studios, science labs, and computer laboratories are well equipped technologically to meet the demands of a diversified, rigorous curriculum and assist in meeting the needs of diverse learning styles.

JH/SH Curriculum

Curriculum Guide

Schoolwide Phone:
Fax - Lower School: 321-723-2553
Fax - Upper School: 321-241-6422
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