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Holy trinity episcopal academy


"Holy Trinity is not just my school, it is my home. We first came in the first grade looking for education but we found it is more than that. Holy Trinity is about opportunities, God, and friendships. I always feel special. My teachers give me so much time, even though there are 17 other kids in the room. I am always working hard but my teachers are the ones that support me and give me the confidence that I need. If it weren’t for my mom, dad, and my teachers I would not be the person I am today.

Holy Trinity is the school that is the best fit for me. I feel that this has been one of the greatest experiences. I have learned so much here especially about God. Every day we have a chapel service. Chaplain Garcia reminds us to be kind, respectful, and forgiving before we go on with our day. This school reminds me that we start here so that we can be successful in our lives. Holy Trinity will forever remain in my life and I will always remember all my teachers and how helpful they were to me."
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1720 Peachtree St., Melbourne, FL 32901
P: 321.723.8323 | F: 321.723.2553

5625 Holy Trinity Dr., Melbourne, FL 32940
P: 321.723.8323 | F: 321.241.6422
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