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Holy trinity episcopal academy


"Holy Trinity School has been around for 60 years getting better and better. The school has so many fun activities both in the classroom and outside. The teachers all care about the students and make sure we have a great education. The school also allows us to learn about God. Holy Trinity prepares you for college and challenges you to do your best.

I personally love to play sports, so I really like that Holy Trinity has amazing after school activities. There is soccer, flag football, tennis, volleyball, basketball, swimming, and other clubs. This is good for students to bond and develop stronger relationships with each other. Also, we have Physical Education every day, which allows students to have fun, learn, and work out during school hours.

What I like the most about Holy Trinity is all the amazing people I have met while attending the school. The teachers have had a huge impact on me and have helped me grow as a student and a person. All the amazing friends that I have made while at school help it feel like we are a family – the Holy Trinity family!"
Holy Trinity seal
1720 Peachtree St., Melbourne, FL 32901
P: 321.723.8323 | F: 321.723.2553

5625 Holy Trinity Dr., Melbourne, FL 32940
P: 321.723.8323 | F: 321.241.6422
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