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Holy trinity episcopal academy

Mrs. Gavrish

Lower School Art
Education: Bachelor of Fine Arts, West Virginia University, Carlow University; K-12 Teaching Certificate

What do you enjoy most about teaching?
I have always been able to stay excited about teaching because it gives me the opportunity to continue learning myself. Technology has opened a whole new world of creative platforms to bring to the students, and offering each lesson with a humanities approach helps reach all ways of learning in children.

Why did you choose to teach at Holy Trinity Episcopal Academy?
Holy Trinity has become my home away from home for the last 19 years. I wake up in the morning knowing that I will be with my extended family for the day. The campus is a safe and welcoming place both physically and emotionally.  Faculty and administration value the enrichment that the art classes offer to their classroom studies. Families appreciate the arts and know that it is as valuable as other areas of study and reinforces the academics. Students and their parents’ involvement in the art program is evident with the Masterpiece of the Month Program and their commitment to showcase the students' success with our annual art show: It’s Art…It’s Elementary.

How do you get the results you want each student to achieve?
One of the most rewarding moments of teaching is when students feel the satisfaction of pride in their work. Nothing can replace the expression on the child’s face when they get it! Given the correct materials and direction and guidance each student is capable of achieving beautiful results. At the elementary level I do not want students comparing their ability to one another, but have the skills to technically use materials and tools which will carry through into every other area of study. Knowing that each student will not pursue art as a lifelong career, it is important that they learn the creative process for the enjoyment and appreciation of the arts in adulthood. I want students to leave my classroom with the love of art for art's sake and the knowledge of art and its role in the history of the world.
How do you keep current and apply the latest learning research in your class?
I keep current in the fast pace changing role as an art teacher with the use of technology by networking with other art teachers at an annual state wide conference. Worldwide networking with Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest is an important outreach with art and other teachers all over the world. HTEA has committed to allow us to stay current with faculty training sessions and I take an hour weekly for tech sessions to meet my individual needs in my classroom. We now have an iPad lab in the art room, and I hope to add to it for reinforcing what we are doing with our artwork and creating art through technology.
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