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Holy trinity episcopal academy

Mrs. Brown

AP Seminar; AP Lit and Composition
Education: B.A. English; Palm Beach Atlantic University
What is the most important life lesson you want a child to learn in your classroom?
I hope that students in my classroom learn to appreciate diverse perspectives and to think deeply about challenging issues presented in literature. In addition, I want them to gain confidence in their ability to analyze complex texts and write in a variety of modes. Our thematic focus in 8th grade is the challenge of heroism and making a difference, so I hope that students learn that they have the power to make a positive impact in the world and to stand up for what is right.
What motivated you to become a teacher?
I was inspired by my own freshman English teacher, Mrs. Hazelwood. I loved her ability to present information with passion, and to help each student feel like they had a powerful voice. She was the teacher who taught me to love literature and to take pride in writing.
What do you love about teaching at Holy Trinity?
I love the daily challenge of teaching. Each day is an opportunity to help students reach their goals. I love to see when students “get it” and become focused readers, writers, and thinkers. Holy Trinity equips both teachers and students to be successful by providing a safe and interactive environment. From the facilities to the curriculum, Holy Trinity is truly an example of excellence.  
What are some of your interests and passions outside of the classroom?
I enjoy running, taking fitness classes, and going to the beach with my family.
In what professional development activities have you participated recently? 
Last year, I was able to attend several conferences and seminars that provided me with ideas and inspiration for the classroom. I attended a conference given by the National Council of English Teachers in Cocoa Beach. There I learned new ways to incorporate world literature into Springboard, our English curriculum. In addition, I was able to learn a variety new games and activities that help build vocabulary in a workshop by Jane Feber. I also attended a workshop dealing with Socratic Seminar in Orlando, which is one of my favorite classroom tools. Seminars help students flesh out meaning from complex texts by learning from and questioning their peers in an interactive discussion. Finally, I attended the AP Capstone training put on by the College Board over the summer. I gained valuable knowledge about the Capstone program and the rigorous research standards that are presented to students throughout the course. I am very appreciative of the continuing education that I have received while working at Holy Trinity.
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