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Holy trinity episcopal academy

Coach Henderson

Dean of Students
Education: Bachelor of Science in Criminology from Florida State University
Length of time teaching: 18 years
How do you feel you can help students to “Start Here. Go Anywhere.”?
I feel I have a good understanding of the school’s mission. This allows me the ability to motivate and push students to work at their maximum potential. 
What motivated you to become an educator?
I really enjoy working with teenagers and watching them learn how to deal with failure and success. Teaching allows you the opportunity to help students grow as individuals, as well as being a big part in a student’s life.
What do you love about teaching at Holy Trinity?
I enjoy teaching at Holy Trinity because of the environment. The Holy Trinity environment is one where everyone knows each other and cares for each other. As a teacher and a student I feel that we all treat each other as if we are family.
What do you want your students to take away from being in your class?
I think the single most important thing a student could take away from my class is a strong work ethic. I try to instill in my students that if you have a strong work ethic you will continue to be successful in your future endeavors.
If you were not teaching, what would you be doing?
If I wasn’t a teacher I think would be pursuing a job in coaching college basketball. Coaching is very similar to being a classroom teacher, you have to be able to motivate your students and players in order to have success.
What is the best compliment you’ve ever received or could receive as a teacher?
I think the biggest compliment that I receive is hearing a student tell you thank you and that they love you! 
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