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Holy trinity episcopal academy

Mr. Meyer

Lower School 21st Learning Specialist
Education: Bachelor of Science in Social Science Ed/ Masters in Educational Technology, University of Central Florida
How do you apply the latest technology in your class?
My job is all about researching and implementing the latest technology into classroom lessons. Media creation, online research skills, and digital citizenship are some of my main areas of focus. I work with all grade levels at the Lower School on these skills and I am looking forward to teaching a media creation class this year.
What are some of your interests and passions outside of the classroom?
I spend a lot of time on technology during my days at Holy Trinity so I really enjoy the great outdoors on my time off. A nice bike ride and some time at the beach are my favorite ways to unwind. I also play guitar and bass with friends and family which I find very relaxing.
What are your hopes for 21st Century Learning at Holy Trinity?  
I hope that students leave my classes with the idea that technology is a tool for learning and progress. Students spend a lot of their own time on devices playing games and texting, but I really want them to know how to use technology to help them achieve their goals and become productive citizens of our great country.
How do you stay inspired or “recharge your battery” as an educator?  
I stay inspired by making my best effort to keep up with the latest trends and developments in educational technology. There are constantly new apps, devices, and other tools to evaluate. I do a lot of research online, collaborate with colleagues, and attend conferences to keep up. It is very important to know not only what is out there, but what is the best tool (technology based or not) to help our students and teachers reach their learning goals.
What is the best compliment you’ve ever received or could receive as a teacher?
The greatest compliments I receive as an educator come from Lower School parents who tell me when their child was excited about an activity or something we learned in class. When told their child said, “Mr. Meyer showed us how to make a video this way” or “If you do a Google search this way, you will have better results” it really makes my day!
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