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Holy trinity episcopal academy

Ms. Perschnick

Eighth Grade English
Education: BA – English Education, Flagler College / MA – Math Education, Western Governors University
Length of time teaching: 15 years

Holy Trinity’s tagline is: “Start Here. Go Anywhere.” How do you envision helping students to live this motto? 
Through hard work and dedication, students can build a solid foundation at HT to springboard them into their future. As our daily world is filled with modes of communication, I want to help students with mastery of the English language—from the written word to the spoken one—so they can formulate their own ideas, find their voices, and create their own future success story.
What do you look forward to the most about teaching at Holy Trinity?
I am excited to become a part of the HT family! The overall learning environment and philosophy of educating the whole child is impressive, and the results show in the wonderful students at HT. The faculty and staff are caring and supportive, which creates a wonderful family atmosphere.
What is the most important life lesson you want a child to learn in your classroom?
I want students to know how important it is to ask questions. Whether it is for clarification or for further insight, it is vital to continue asking questions and being inquisitive. Questioning allows us to grow, learn, and progress, not only in school, but in life as well.
What are some of your interests and passions outside of the classroom?
I am an avid reader, and I love spending time with my family. I also love animals and have a 10 year old Pomeranian, who is a bundle of energy. I’ve been a dancer all of my life, and I’ve just started learning how to golf.
How do you inspire students to enjoy learning?
While academics take hard work, it is possible for work to be fun! I try to make learning enjoyable and inject humor into my teaching. Through laughter and enthusiasm, students can be more at ease, which can produce a more receptive and insightful learning atmosphere.
What do you want your students to take away from being in your class?
I want students to gain a love of books and an understanding of how lucky we are to have the ability and freedom to read. Reading can be both beneficial and fun! I also want them to see that you will always face challenges in life (in and out of the classroom). While the end result is important, the journey of tackling and overcoming the obstacles makes you stronger and allows you to learn and shape your character.
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