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Holy trinity episcopal academy

Mrs. Grant

Upper School Math Coach
Education: B.A. Mathematics, Hood College
Length of time teaching: 18 years

Holy Trinity’s tagline is: “Start Here. Go Anywhere.” How do you envision helping students to live this motto?
I have been fortunate and blessed in my own life, being born in Jamaica and then raised in Texas and Maryland by parents who always emphasized that through education I could achieve anything. My father had done so himself, as a student at the University of the West Indies, then becoming an accomplished CFO. Although I would be teaching math, I would also express to students by words and by my own example, the freeing power of learning and how all of our Holy Trinity students are at a starting point today with all destinations possible. I would encourage them to express and pursue their dreams.

What do you look forward to the most about teaching at Holy Trinity?
Too many students shy away from math. The subject requires students to build a new language and new skillsets. I love showing students that they all can do it. In teaching math, I feel like I am helping students avoid creating unnecessary limitations on themselves. In addition, I love the subject I teach and know that students who develop their skills in math will be equipped in all the fields they pursue.

What do you love about teaching at HT?
At Holy Trinity, I feel like my values are understood by everyone. I love the ability to see education as more than just a job and more than just teaching a subject. I think everyone at Holy Trinity sees the experience of being a teacher as playing a part in helping children spiritually and emotionally. With all my colleagues, we are playing a higher role in how these children develop to be strong, capable and caring adults.

What motivated you to become a teacher?
I always knew I wanted to be a math teacher. I found myself helping classmates on their math and even sometimes giving the teacher tips that worked for me. I realized quite young that it gave me joy to see the pieces of the puzzle click for other children. Then you hear, "I get it!"

How do you measure your success as an educator?
There is an immediate success when you see that light of understanding that happens when a student "gets it." I treasure those moments. I appreciate the students that work hard and do well on their tests, but I am particularly proud of the students that struggle with a subject initially and then rise to a new level. That's the best kind of success because it means you made a difference.

What are your hopes for your program/discipline at HT?
I think it's amazing that Holy Trinity has coaches - math coaches and academic coaches - to help support their students. I hope to help as many students possible so they can be successful in the subject. It can be stressful being a student. I hope my role here will ease some of the stress that students and teachers are facing. I hope to teach students one of the greatest powers, to advocate for yourself. It is the greatest power to realize when you need help or have questions, and even greater to then seek help.
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