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Holy trinity episcopal academy

Mrs. Desai

STEAM Educator-Elementary Division
Education:  Bachelors of Science in Pharmacy, Southwestern Oklahoma State University, School of Pharmacy; Florida State Teaching Certification K-6th grade, Indian River State College; Gifted Certification, NE FL Education Consortium.
Length of time teaching: 6 years
Length of time teaching at HT: 6 years
How do you believe you can help students, “Start Here. Go Anywhere.”?
I believe the life skills nurtured here at the Holy Trinity Lower School give our students a solid foundation for themselves, therefore developing their self-esteem. Our teachers and administrators provide a safe environment, allowing the students to identify their thoughts and feelings, giving them courage to speak up for what they want and feel. From the early childhood years, students are taught conflict resolution, and work on steps to help them stand for what they believe is to be fair and true. As each teacher works to provide a sense of family and connection, the students model their support to their peers. These are the lifelong skills that truly make our school special.  I believe these are the fundamental characteristics each child develops that will help them “Start Here. Go Anywhere.”

What do you want your students to take away from being in your class?
I would like to cultivate a sense of wonder and curiosity.  A curious child will innately formulate questions and find ways to answer their curiosity. I would like them to approach problems from different angles or perspectives that will get them thinking critically. In STEAM and in life I want my students to know that there is no failure, just a process that sometimes takes longer than other times. With curiosity, their life will never be boring. 

If teaching was not your first professional career, what was? How did you transition into teaching?
I always have been fascinated by science and my first career choice was pharmacy. I loved working in public health and educating my patients, even when it was not the norm. After moving to Melbourne, I worked at Holmes Regional Medical Center, but left later to raise two children. In my mommy time, I started volunteering at Holy Trinity and held many different roles here for 14 years. I loved being around the students, surrounded by their contagious energy. I took what I really enjoyed in pharmacy, educating the patients, and coupled it with the youth and I knew teaching was how I wanted to spend my days after becoming an empty nester.
How do you stay inspired or “recharge your battery” as an educator?
Besides going on conferences or reading a science journal, I get inspired by our world.  In STEAM, problem solving is the name of the game. By picking up the paper and reading an article on earthquakes or the newest Nike shoe, I have an inspiration for a lesson. Oh and there’s always Pinterest!
What is the best compliment you’ve ever received or could receive as a teacher?
Of course it is wonderful and heart-filling to hear that I have created a love of science for their daughter, or one of the reasons they are at the school is because of my program, but when students apply their learning from the past years in STEAM, to me that is my best compliment.  I love seeing my teaching applied to other areas or projects. I really enjoy hearing about discoveries students have made that they are excited to share or experiences they may have had that relate to the STEAM connection, to me that is truly fulfilling.
What are some of your interests and passions outside of the classroom?
I love traveling. It gets me excited, I prepare for it and love my experience. I often get asked what my favorite place is and I can never answer that question because to me all the different countries have their own beautiful uniqueness. With my love of travel, I have developed a love of photography. Capturing a photograph helps me record a time and a place, and with it a level of happiness. I enjoy reading all types of books, but historical fictions top the list. My newest interest has been developed with my husband and that is to run a race in all 50 states. Wish me luck!
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