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Holy trinity episcopal academy

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  • Academic Team

    Purpose of Club: This is a highly academic group of high school students who practice for The Commissioner's Academic Challenge. At the competition a maximum of four players complete during each of the three rounds. Players are asked questions from the areas of language arts, math, science, social studies, fine arts, French, Spanish, physical education, health, and technology. Some students will be asked to represent the school at these competitions. Practice times TBD. Grades 10-12
    Sponsor: Ms. Mariani
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  • Certamen

    Purpose of Club: These students practice weekly to compete at Certamen tournaments. Certamen is a fast-paced quiz bowl type of game which employs buzzers and focuses on Latin and other ancient topics. There are three Certamen teams: Novice for Latin I students, Intermediate for Latin II students, and Advanced for students in Latin III and above. There are typically three practices per week, one for each teams, and the upper teams often help coach the teams below them. These teams attend tournaments throughout the year, including those sponsored by universities like Yale and Harvard, but they also compete at Regional and State Latin Forum
    Sponsor: Mr. Mize
  • Chapel Council

    Purpose of Club: These students are students from across all faith backgrounds who help to craft, vision and execute the numerous services and presentations that occur on a regular basis in chapel. They provide input from the wider student body and meet to support Holy Trinity’s pastoral and spiritual programming. Members are selected from 10th-12th grade students who express interest in serving in this leadership role for the upcoming school year. 
    Sponsor: Mr. Angotti and Chaplain Rutherford
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