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Holy trinity episcopal academy

Morgan Bierbrunner

Meet senior varsity softball player, Morgan Bierbrunner! Morgan is the daughter of Lisa and Steve Bierbrunner. She will attend the University of Tampa next fall and may consider playing intramural softball if time allows. Of her four years playing softball, Morgan says her favorite memory was “when it was announced that I would be a captain. This was a very big surprise for me and I was very thankful and honored to receive the title.”
Morgan would like to thank: “God for giving me the strength to go way out of my comfort zone and actually join softball. My Mom for always embarrassing me at the games with her cowbells and helping out so much with the team. She has basically turned into the team mom over the years. My dad for always supporting me by trying his best to come to my games even if it means he has to leave work early. And I would like to thank all my coaches who have watched me grow over the years and helped me be more confident in myself and my abilities to play softball. I will miss all my coaches and my teammates for we have become like a family over the years and I am so thankful for all of them to be a part of my life.”
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