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Winter Microterm Sessions

Once again, we will be offering a microterm session during Winter Break (February 11-15) from 8:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m., Monday-Friday.

Students enrolling in these immersive courses will earn ¼ academic credit on a pass/fail basis. Registration will open in January with a cost of $350 per course. The course offerings are listed below:
3-D Modeling (CAD-Computer Aided Drawing) and Printing: For high school students grades 9-12. Students will learn 3-D model creation using Autodesk Inventor, Additive and Subtractive Modelling, and how to prepare files for 3-D printing.
Instructor: Jeannette Russell
The Science of Interstellar: For students grades 7-12. This course will take a detailed look at the move Interstellar, from filmmaker Christopher Nolan, and the book “The Science of Interstellar” by Kip Thorne (of Cal Tech). With many of the movie’s “jawdropping events and stunning visuals” grounded in real science, students will watch the movie, study the relevant information and participate in lively discussions concerning the potential of interstellar travel.
Instructor: Matthew Bowden
Service-Learning: For students grades 7-12. Come join us as we look around our community, get inspired, and take positive action through five rewarding days of community service projects. We will work, play, meet new people and gain leadership experience. You may choose to earn either .25 (1/4) credit or 30 hours of community service.
Instructor: Susan Welch

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