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Holy trinity episcopal academy

Dr. Roslonowski

Education: Bachelor of Science, University of Scranton; Master of Arts, University of Scranton; Doctor of Philosophy, Florida Institute of Technology
Length of time teaching: 20 years
Holy Trinity’s tagline is: “Start Here. Go Anywhere.” How do you envision helping students to live this motto?
By helping students learn how to think and learn so that they can think for themselves and learn from any situation or in any environment.
What do you look forward to the most about teaching at Holy Trinity?
Living my faith openly with others who want to learn and grow into better people, both intellectually and spiritually. 
What are some of your interests and passions outside of the classroom?
My hobbies include traveling, WWII history, grandchildren and cooking.  
What experiences or people have had the most influence on you?
My parents. I was the oldest of four girls in my family. My dad was the sole income earner. My parents shared their faith and values by example and sacrificed to send all of us to Catholic school through grade school, high school, and college. They taught me to be responsible for my actions and to strive for goodness over all else. 
How do you keep current with the subject areas you cover?
By attending and presenting teaching/learning conferences and staying involved with the American Chemical Society. 
What is the best compliment you’ve ever received or could receive as a teacher? 
I've learned more about myself and how I can overcome adversity because of your class. 
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