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Holy trinity episcopal academy

2019-2020 Junior High Districts

Sophia Weiner - Superior ( Perfect Score) Monologues 
Marley Kellar - Superior Monologues 
Garrett Tinker - Superior Monologues  
Reha Patel - Superior Duet Scene 
Anika Vaishnav - Superior Duet Scene 
Logan Silvea - Superior Improv 
Cali Wilamowski - Superior Improv  
Lexy Crawford - Superior Improv 
Anika Vaishnav - Superior Improv  
Lexy Crawford - Excellent Small Group Musical  
Alexa Grillo - Excellent Small Group Musical  
Adlee Ramos - Excellent Small Group Musical 
Liam Walders - Excellent Ensemble Acting  
Jonah Lush - Excellent Ensemble Acting  
Payton Vinarub - Excellent Ensemble Acting  
Lexy Crawford - Excellent Monologue 
Molly Mullen - Excellent Monologue 
Lauren Batache- Excellent Ensemble Acting  
Savannah McGrew - Excellent Ensemble Acting 
Sophia Symeonides - Excellent Ensemble Acting  
Payton Vinarub - Good Solo Musical  
Jake MiddleBrooks and Joey Romaine - Good Improv  
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