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Holy trinity episcopal academy

Mrs. Russell

Upper School Engineering and Physics
Teaches: Physics, Principles of Engineering, Engineering Design and Intro to Engineering
Degree: Bachelor of Science in Engineering Technology
School: University of Central Florida
What is the most important life lesson you want a child to learn in your classroom?
Never stop asking questions.  Technology comes from scientists continually asking “what if?”
In what professional development activities have you participated recently?
The past two summers, I have attended a two-week training course at Embry-Riddle University for both the Engineering Design and Principles of Engineering courses now offered at Holy Trinity. This training provides teachers with the knowledge and skills needed to successfully teach these project/problem based courses. I also have attended the Project Lead the Way (PLTW) convention at Embry-Riddle. This yearly convention allows teachers to collaborate and discuss ways to improve the teachers’ effectiveness in the classroom.
What are your hopes for your program at Holy Trinity?
I would love to expand the engineering program at Holy Trinity to include at least three high school classes and expand to the lower school. Training students to ask questions and solve problems using the engineering process will greatly benefit them going into junior high and beyond.
If teaching was not your first professional career, what was? How did you transition into teaching?
After high school, I worked in drafting while going to college.  After graduating with an Associate of Science degree in Drafting Design and a Bachelor of Science in Engineering Technology, I worked as an Electrical Engineer in digital design. As my career progressed, I found myself spending more time in meetings and less time doing what I enjoyed – being in the lab. The classroom has allowed me to share my knowledge of engineering and inspire students with design challenges and hands-on activites. 
What is the best compliment you’ve ever received or could receive as a teacher?
The best compliment is when a student comes back from college and shares the one thing that they remember leaning from my class and how it helped them at college.
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