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The Holy Trinity Table: Culinary Adventures

Bon appetit! Our summer microterm program included a new offering this year, The Holy Trinity Table: Culinary Adventures!
Our students spent the week learning a variety of culinary techniques from Chef Sean Bach, executive chef at Fat Snook in Cocoa Beach. After learning about kitchen safety, foodborne illnesses and sanitation, they learned to make pancakes from scratch, break down a whole chicken and make a stock from the carcass, make sauces from scratch, and make a variety of desserts. Special guest Gina Pierce from Suntree's Tuscany Grill taught them how to make her signature Italian Wedding Cake. The students also learned various cuts for fruits and vegetables and hosted a reception. Students earned a 1/4 academic credit for participating in this one-week class. Thank you to Dr. Billy Booth for organizing this incredible opportunity for our students!

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