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National Latin Convention

Congratulations to our Latin students who attended the National Latin Convention last week at North Dakota state University. 
Every student attending scored in at least one event, and the following students had Top 10 finishes in the country!
-Arias Deukmedjian: 1st Latin Literature I; 3rd Large Models 7-9
-William Graham: 2nd Ancient Geography I; 3rd Maps Constructed
-Priya Gutta: 2nd Dramatic Interpretation II Female; 4th Hellenic History II
-Aidan Johnson: 4th Large Models 7-9
-Colin McLaughlin: 6th Ancient Geography IV
-Fefe Montalvo: 1st Latin Grammar I; 1st Sight Latin Reading I; 2nd Dramatic Interpretation I Male; 2nd Latin Reading Comprehension I; 4th Novice Certamen; 5th Latin Derivatives I; 9th Latin Vocabulary I; 10th Academic Heptathlon
-Esha Patel: 4th Dramatic Interpretation Prose Female
-Milli Patel: 5th Dramatic Interpretation I Female; 8th Greek Life & Literature I
-Brianna Ramnath: 5th Greek Derivatives II; 8th Mosaics 7-9
-Charlotte Varnes: 2nd Greek Derivatives IV

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