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Special Diploma Recognition and Evening of Research

Congratulations to our Special Diploma candidates!
Did you know... 28 of our 99 seniors earned a collective 41 AP Capstone, STEAM and Global Citizenship diploma recognitions?

In addition, our AP Research students presented on their research topics at the annual Evening of Research last week. See below for more information about each presentation!
  • Anjani EpasingheThe Secrets of Convenience Animal Euthanasia: Veterinarians' and their Technicians Minds
  • Max PaganExamining the Effects of Prison Conditions on Prisoner Mental Health: A Meta-Analysis
  • David BenjaminHow Differing Aspects of Social Entrepreneurship Impact Consumer Behavior on Social Media
  • Ashleigh KutrybThe purpose of Ashleigh's study was to determine which perspective (ethical, health or environmental) was the most influential at persuading someone to consider adopting a vegetarian diet.
  • Naomi AguilarLiver-Stomach Disharmony: Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western Medicines' Perspectives
  • Andrea JaraEmpathy Differences in Males and Females
  • Ethan PotterThe Effects of Pathological Video Game Usage on the Academic Performance of High School Junior and Senior Students Attending a Private Religious College Preparatory Institution: A Mixed Methods Study
  • Riley DraperThe Impact of Recreational Reading on High School Student's SAT Scores
  • Marisa BaliseParental Perspectives on Vaccines in the Context of the AVC Controversy
  • Karina PopowyczA Content Analysis of American Totalistic Cult Leader Motivation in Accordance with the Possibility of the Narcissistic Explanation
  • Nikhil PatelThe Impact of Airport Privatization on the Customer Experience: A Correlational Analysis of Customer Satisfaction and Congestion in the United States and United Kingdom

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