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Holy trinity episcopal academy

Important Changes to Text Notifications

Due to loosened FCC regulations, you must now opt in to receive text message notifications from Holy Trinity.
As you know, earlier this year, we implemented a new reminder system called BrightArrow, which provides a secure platform for us to send text, voice/robo calls and emails for emergency and non-emergency notifications. At that time, we were able to automatically include all parents and guardians in our emergency notifications list, for example, news regarding school closures due to the hurricane.
Since that time, we have been notified that due to loosened FCC regulations, many cellphone carriers are blocking text messages from 10-digit numbers (called long code), meaning that you may no longer receive text reminders from Holy Trinity. To overcome this obstacle, BrightArrow will now send our texts using the number 87569 (called short code); however, all recipients must now opt in to receive all texts from us.
This change will go into effect on Tuesday, Oct. 1, at which time we will send a test of the emergency text system to which you must reply YES to continue receiving texts from us. You must do this for each type of text reminder you receive from Holy Trinity, including both emergency or non-emergency notifications, and smaller user groups such as Tiger Transit, Upper School Band, etc.
Again, effective Oct. 1, when you first receive a message from us, it will still go out using long code (the 10-digit phone number), but it will include an accompanying text that says: ”Holy Trinity Episcopal Academy would like to continue sending you text messages. To continue receiving these messages, please reply to this text with ‘Yes.’”
We apologize for any confusion this may cause and we appreciate your patience as we try our best to keep you informed at all times.
Below is additional information from BrightArrow regarding the need for this change. 
Why move to short code using the 87569 texting number?
  • Due to the FCC removing SPAM-blocking restrictions recently, short code is the only practical way to have a reliable delivery of text messages. 
  • A short code number is unlikely to be blocked, allowing you to receive critical and time sensitive information without barriers.
  • Everyone receives the text from the same phone number, making it much easier to identify where the text is coming from.
  • With a high throughput rate, messages sent through short code can be used for alert notifications, weather announcements, traffic updates and other security notifications, concisely and precisely. 
  • Since phone carriers vet and approve all short codes for their intended use, they are not subject to carrier filtering.
Should you have questions regarding this information, please contact Michelle Salyer, Director of Marketing & Communications at msalyer@htes.org.

Schoolwide Phone:
Fax - Lower School: 321-723-2553
Fax - Upper School: 321-241-6422
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