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Math Modeling

Holy Trinity’s two math modeling teams recently received honorable mentions in the nationwide MathWorks Math Modeling competition.
Of 877 teams nationwide, only 28 teams were recognized, yet both HT teams earned this honor, marking a first for Holy Trinity! Only four percent of teams are recognized, and there is only a one tenth of one percent chance that more than one team from a school will be distinguished! Only one other school in the country had both of its teams recognized. Statistically, a student is more likely to get into Harvard than to receive recognition in this competition.
Members of team one included: Rahul Prasanna, Kai Bartolone, Lisa Bain, Soy Choi and Nicholas Olomu. Members of team two included: Michael Roth, Hari Dandapani, Rhea Cho, Nikhil Patel and Luca Valdivia. Team sponsors are Trevor Herntier and David Bonanza. Many of these students are enrolled in Mr. Herntier’s math modeling class. Each team will receive a $1,000 scholarship.
The competition called for students to use math to identify the severity of real world problems, in this instance, substance use such as vaping. The students were asked to: 1) build a mathematical model to predict the spread of nicotine use due to vaping over the next 10 years and analyze how the growth of this new form of nicotine compares to cigarettes 2) Create a model that simulates the likelihood that an individual will use a given substance and demonstrate how this model works by predicting how many students among a class of 300 high school seniors with varying characteristics will use various substances and 3) Develop a robust metric for the impact of substance abuse. Read the complete challenge (https://m3challenge.siam.org/practice-problems/2019-challenge-problem-one-too-many-and-thousand-not-enough-substance-use-and) Each team received only 14 timed hours to complete the task and show their work in a 28-page formal report.
Read the teams’ solutions:
Team 1 solution
Team 2 solution
Congratulations students!

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