Academic Team Update

Last Monday was a very exciting evening for the HT Academic Team!
Team 2 won their room (there were five teams per room) with 262 points, placing 2nd overall, 32 points behind 1st place West Shore. Several students answered questions correctly; Ethan Potter had an amazing night with 125 points, not missing a question. Out of 15 teams, HT is in 7th place (based on "place average") and 4th place (based on "points average").

Team 1 faced West Shore and scored 373 points in the second week. After two rounds, they were virtually tied for the lead with West Shore, but West Shore ultimately won. Team 1 is currently in 2nd place overall.

Next week, Team 2 will face West Shore and Cocoa; Team 1 will face Cocoa Beach, the most competitive opponent.

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